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Tribal Sovereignty

What is tribal sovereignty and what does it mean?

Long before there was a United States of America, tribes governed themselves, provided for their people, and negotiated with other nations. When tribes signed treaties with the United States government, they were guaranteed the right to continue governing themselves; this is called sovereignty.

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community conducts a number of activities to support and encourage Tribal Sovereignty.

  • Enacts various laws asserting tribal authority over the internal affairs of the SMSC, such as the Consolidated Land Management Ordinance.
  • Negotiates intergovernmental agreements in which the SMSC's authority to govern and regulate various activities is recognized.
  • Is proactive in having its land placed into trust status whereby the SMSC is able to regulate land use and all activities on those lands.
  • Strongly asserts its legal interests in lawsuits filed in attempts to diminish the Tribe's sovereignty.

Initiates numerous construction projects for essential infrastructure bringing the SMSC closer to self-sufficiency such as improvements to the water system, the Water Reclamation Facility, and Koda Energy.

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