2016 Shakopee Pow Wow – Wacipi Schedule

SMSC Wacipi

2016 Wacipi

August 19, 20 & 21

Experience Native American dancers from the SMSC and other Indian nations at the SMSC sponsored Wacipi Exhibition. A whirl of colors, sights and sounds will fill the halls as the Rotunda is transformed into a Wacipi arena, complete with a Master of Ceremonies and two invited drum groups.

Invited Native American dancers of all ages in full regalia will enter the arena to perform with live Wacipi music in two separate performances. Mall visitors will experience a Native American Grand Entry, learn about the various dance styles, and have the opportunity to join the dancers and participate in the Intertribals and Round Dance.

Featured Staff & Guests

Master of Ceremonies:
Wallace Coffey & Ruben Little Head

Arena Director:
Chaske LaBlanc & Mike One Star Sr.

Head women's Judge:
Alva Fiddler

Head men's Judge:
Leon Thompson

Head Singing Judge:
Novi Runs Above

Sound Ma:
Dale Roberts - Hokah Sound

Color Guard:
Sisseton-Wahpeton Kit Fox society


Drum Groups

Northern Cree - AB
Iron Boy - MN

Midnite Express - MN
Young Bear - ND
The Boyz - MN
Cree Confederation - AB
Mazakute - NE
Cozad - OK
Young Bucks - SK
Sizzortail - OK
Mato Pejuta - NE
Yung Bux - OK

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Sights & Sounds of Wacipi

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What is Wacipi?

Wacipi means "They Dance" in the Dakota language. Find out more about our traditions and ceremonies by visiting the SMSC Wacipi page.