2017 Shakopee Pow Wow – Wacipi Schedule

SMSC Wacipi

2017 Wacipi: August 18, 19 & 20

2017 Wacipi MOA Exhibition

August 17
Mall of America Rotunda
7104 E Broadway
Bloomington, MN 55425
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2pm and 5pm

Experience Native American dancers from the SMSC and other Indian nations at the SMSC sponsored Wacipi Exhibition. A whirl of colors, sights and sounds will fill the halls as the Rotunda is transformed into a Wacipi arena, complete with a Master of Ceremonies and two invited drum groups.

Invited Native American dancers of all ages in full regalia will enter the arena to perform with live Wacipi music in two separate performances. Mall visitors will experience a Native American Grand Entry, learn about the various dance styles, and have the opportunity to join the dancers and participate in the Intertribals and Round Dance.

2017 Annual Wacipi

August 18, 19 & 20
SMSC Wacipi Grounds
3212 Dakotah Parkway
Shakopee, MN 55379
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Admission: $10 button/Free for 60 years & over, 10 years & under
Meal: 1 meal on Saturday, 4:30-6:30pm
Flag raising: Saturday & Sunday, 9am
Grand Entries: Friday 7pm, Saturday 1pm & 7pm, Sunday 1pm
Fireworks: Saturday night - 10pm
Color Guard: Sisseton-Wahpeton Kit Fox Society

Featured Staff & Guests

Master of Ceremonies:
Juaquin Hamilton - Ruben Little Head

Honorary Master of Ceremonies:
Wallace Coffey

Arena Directors:
Chaske La Blanc - Clifton Goodwill

Head Man Judge:
Canku One Star

Head Woman Judge:
Alva Fiddler

Head Singing Judge:
Rooster Top Sky

Hokah Sound


Color Guard:
Sisseton-Wahpeton Kit Fox Society
Native American Women Warriors (N.A.W.W.)

Drum Groups

Northern Cree - Alberta
The Boyz - MInnesota

Bull Horn - Alberta
High Noon - Alberta
Mato Pejuta - Nebraska
Midnite Express - Minnesota
Sharpshooter - Turtle Island
Show Time - South Dakota
Young Bear - North Dakota
Southern Style - Utah
Wild Band of Comanches - Oklahoma
Yellow Hammer - Oklahoma


Hotel info: 1.800.813.7349
Dakotah Meadows RV Park: 1.800.653.CAMP (2267)

SMSC Wacipi Grounds are located at 3212 Dakotah Parkway, Shakopee MN 55379

Categories & Prize Payouts

Dance Contests:


  • Jr. Categories: 6-12: (5 places) 1st: $300, 2nd: $200, 3rd: $150, 4th: $100, 5th: $50
    Traditional, Grass/Jingle, Fancy
  • Teen Categories: 13-17: (5 places) 1st: $ 500, 2nd: $300, 3rd: $ 200, 4th: $150, 5th: $100
    Traditional, Grass/Jingle, Fancy

ADULT PRIZE PAYOUTS: (5 places) 1st: $ 1,600, 2nd: $1,400, 3rd: $ 1,200, 4th: $ 1,000, 5th: $600

  • Jr. Adult: 18-34:
    Men's: Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Southern Straight, Chicken Dance
    Women's: Traditional, Fancy, Jingle, Southern Cloth/Buckskin (combined)
  • Sr. Adult: 35- 54:
    Men's: Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Southern Straight, Chicken Dance
    Women's: Traditional, Fancy, Jingle, Southern Cloth/Buckskin (combined)
  • Golden Age: 55 & over
    GA Women's: Fancy/ Jingle (combined), Traditional/ Southern Buckskin/Cloth (combined)
    GA Men's: Fancy/Grass (combined), Traditional/Southern Straight (combined)

Dance Registration:

Begins Friday at 12:30pm
Must have button to register. Point system to begin Friday Grand Entry.
Registration closes at 12:30pm on Sat. August 19

*** Tiny Tots is 5 years and under. Paid daily. ***

***DAY MONEY*** All dancers not receiving prize money will be paid. Individual must be present with number on Sunday evening ONLY after winners are announced. **All categories ($30 children/$60 adults = total weekend)

No alcohol or drugs. Not responsible for accidents, thefts, or lost envelopes.

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What is Wacipi?

Wacipi means "They Dance" in the Dakota language. Find out more about our traditions and ceremonies by visiting the SMSC Wacipi page.