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SMSC Wacipi

2015 Wacipi Winners

Dancers of all ages gathered at the annual Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Wacipi (Pow Wow) from Friday, August 14, through Sunday, August 16 at the Wacipi Grounds on the SMSC reservation.

Juniors: 6–12

Boy's Traditional
  1. Jonah Jackson (Spirit Lake, ND)
  2. Terry Brown Otter (Fort Yates, ND)
  3. Elijah Leonard, Jr. (Baraboo, WI)
  4. Guppy Benton (LCO, WI)
  5. Misun Clairmont (Lakewood, CO)
Girl's Traditional
  1. Shundiiwan White Horse (Standing Buffalo, SK)
  2. Sparrow Little Sky (Kyle, SD)
  3. Tylyn Thurman (Shawnee, OK)
  4. Neena Lasley (Tama, IA)
  5. Leonore Pushetonequa (Tama, IA)

Teens: 13–17

Boy's Traditional
  1. Triston Lasley (Tama, IA)
  2. Talon White Eye (Sarnia, ON)
  3. Donovan Haury (Oklahoma City, OK)
  4. Brycen White Shirt (Lawrence, KS)
  5. Marlin Dickenson (Rocky Boy, MT)
Girl's Traditional
  1. Nichole Nordwall (Fallon, NV)
  2. Taylor Clairmont (St. Paul, MN)
  3. Elyza Robertson (Mandaree, ND)
  4. Tatyannah Bull (Paul First Nation, AB)
  5. Aerius Benton (LCO, WI)

Junior Adults: 18–34

Men's Traditional
  1. Eli Snow (Morely, AB)
  2. Zane Tacan (Sioux Valley, MB)
  3. Wendall Powless (Bad River, WI)
  4. John Richard (Allen, SD)
  5. Lakota LittleSky (Kyle, SD)
Women's Traditional
  1. Alva Fiddler (Alpache, OK)
  2. Arianna Green Chow (Wisconsin Dells, WI)
  3. Tara Whitehorse (Tantank Nihin, SK)
  4. Randi Bird (Sioux Falls, SD)
  5. Tierra LaBelle (Morley, AB)

Senior Adults: 35–54

Men's Traditional
  1. Richard Street (St. Michael, ND)
  2. Tony Wahweotten (Mayetta, KS)
  3. Chaske LeBlanc (Lower Sioux, MN)
  4. Lonny Street (Tama, IA)
  5. Russell McCloud (Harrah, WA)
Women's Traditional
  1. Amber Buffalo (Mandan, ND)
  2. Tosha Goodwill (Sioux Falls, SD)
  3. Lonna Street (St. Michael, ND)
  4. Thea McCloud (Harrah, WA)
  5. Gena Top Sky (Rocky Boy, MT)

Golden Age: 55 & Over

Men's Traditional/Southern Straight
  1. Terry Fiddler (Red Wing, MN)
  2. Charles Hindsley (Ho-Chunk, WI)
  3. Jim Red Eagle (Bear Butte, SD)
  4. Gary Richards (Allen,SD)
  5. Paul Cloud (Ho-Chunk, WI)
Women's Traditional/Southern Buckskin/Cloth
  1. Bev Larvie-Medhaug (Mission, SD)
  2. Carmen Clairmont (Lakewood, CO)
  3. Linda Standing (Eagle Hills, SK)
  4. Charlene Cozad (Hominy, OK)
  5. Gaylynn Spaning (Crooked Lake Agency)

Special Categories

Moccasin Game
  1. J Max (Sisseton, SD)
  2. Golden State (Pipestone, MB)
  3. Old Style (Agency Village, SD)
  4. Bronco Riders (Pipestone, MB)
  5. Travis Max (Sisseton, SD)
Drum Contest
  1. Wahpekute
  2. Crazy Spirit
  3. Black Otter
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