Donations & Grants

Donations & Grants

The Dakota Value of Sharing

A strong tradition of helping others, "wo' okiye" (helpfulness) has defined the Dakota people for generations. Honoring that tradition, the SMSC contributes to causes, organizations, and tribes across the region, state, and country. The SMSC is the largest philanthropic benefactor for Indian Country nationally, and one of the largest charitable givers in Minnesota.

The SMSC has donated more than $350 million to organizations and causes, provided $500 million in economic development loans to other tribes, and contributed millions more to support regional governments and infrastructure. Find out more about our charitable giving in our annual Donation Reports.

Donation Guidelines

Requests must be submitted via our online donation request form. Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis. The entire review process will take a minimum of 8-10 weeks.

Grant Request Guidelines

Grant requests should follow these guidelines:

  • Include a detailed description of how the grant will be used.
  • Include a budget justification.
  • Organizations located on reservations: include tribal council resolution.
  • If not a tribal government or a 501(c)(3): Provide the name and contact information of your reliable fiscal agent.

Requests That Will Not Be Considered

The following are examples of requests that the SMSC will not consider funding:

  • Requests needed within 90 days.
  • Mass-generated requests.
  • Second- or third-party requests.
  • Beauty, modeling, talent, or beautiful baby contest sponsorships.
  • Racing sponsorships of any kind.
  • Adult sports team sponsorships.
  • Music festival or other entertainment venue sponsorships.
  • Rodeo sponsorships.
  • People to People Ambassador sponsorships, foreign travel, or any other individual sponsorships.
  • Newsletters with donation envelopes attached.
  • Film productions.
  • Start-up costs.
  • Small business grants.
  • Fundraising through the sale of advertisements.

No Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community donation funds may be used for finders' fees.

2019 Donation Report

In 2019, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community provided $15 million in donations for education, youth activities, health care programs, legal aid, community development and infrastructure, women’s health, arts and culture, local communities, environmental protection, and much more.

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Donations & Giving

Take a look at past donations and the philanthropic efforts of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community to see the impact of our giving, and how giving back has always been a part of our culture.