SMSC Departments and Administration

The government for the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community includes a variety of departments established to meet the needs of the Community. As a sovereign nation, the SMSC is responsible for the welfare and amenities of its people. Our departments handle everything from housing, infrastructure, and public works, to family wellness services and safety.


Tribal Administration is the foundation of all other structures and services provided to the Community. In addition to organizing and executing elections and General Council meetings, SMSC Tribal Administration exists as a source of general informational and assistance to all members of the Community. Administration also issues tribal ID cards to SMSC Members.

Education Department

The SMSC Education Department provides youth support through homework help, mentoring, tutoring, and youth activities. To set students on a positive path to adulthood and career success, the department assists students with ACT/SAT preparation, college visits, and postsecondary planning. The Education Department also provides learning disabilities testing and truancy prevention to identify those in need of assistance and provide them with support and stabilization. The SMSC's Children's House is a Montessori school serving children 3-6 years of age within the SMSC.

Family and Children Services Department

The Family and Children Services Department recognizes the Native American family as the foundation of our Community. The department strives to preserve family stability with high quality, professional services through support, guidance, and advocacy tailored to meet the unique needs of each family member.

Family and Children Services provides case management services for Community Member clients in tribal court. The department also provides advocacy to clients in tribal and county courts and provides outreach, resources, and education to parents. The department provides intervention and assistance to families in crisis; supervised visitation for clients and their children placed out of home; and parenting training and education to families. Family and Children Services also coordinates and facilitates SMSC emergency services, such as child care subsidy, food vouchers, gas vouchers, and referrals.

Finance Department

The SMSC is invested in Community Members' secure financial futures. To that end, the Finance Department provides a list of resources, including trust funds for Community Youth, referrals for finance or tax questions and concerns, and Community Member loans, such as home loans and individual economic development loans. The Finance Department oversees year-end tax reporting and conservatorship for SMSC Members.

Land and Natural Resources Department

The SMSC Land and Natural Resources Department oversees all activity that has the potential to impact one of our most precious resources. The department regulates and protects SMSC lands, managing development through building and site permits, contractor reviews, surveying, inspections, land assignment applications and relinquishments, and planning assistance for building projects. For information and answers to zoning and land questions, as well as advice on landscaping with native plants—complete with plant identification—this is the department to contact.

Legal Department

While the Legal Department is unable to formally represent individuals, the department is still a vital resource. The Legal Department provides general legal advice to SMSC Members, as well as individual legal representation referrals.

Library (Oicimani Media Center)

The Oicimani Media Center houses fiction and nonfiction books, magazines and newspapers, Native American materials, reference materials, videos, CDs, and audiocassettes, which are available to SMSC Members.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is responsible for a wide variety of announcements that help keep SMSC Members informed and united, providing everything from direct mail and Community news to important life event announcements for Community Members, such as birth, graduation, wedding and anniversary announcements, and obituaries. The Marketing Department covers articles and advertising for SMSC enterprises, as well as the Community newsletter and marketing for special events. In addition, this department is the driving force behind the Community’s various websites.

Police Liaison Officer

The Police Liaison Officer ensures that law enforcement maintains a positive presence within our Community, while providing communication and logistical support to ensure that all services are provided efficiently.

Behavioral Health Department

The Behavioral Health Department oversees adult psychiatry, adult psychology, and child psychiatry services provided to SMSC Members. The Behavioral Health Department provides services that touch Community Members across a wide range of ages and situations, including child therapy beginning at age 4, chemical dependency counseling for adults, and mental health services for the elderly. In support of individuals and families, the the Behavioral Health Department offers couples counseling, parent coaching, family therapy, and assessment and treatment for disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Public Works

The SMSC Public Works Department provides animal control, including issues with lost pets, as well as new homeowner sewer/water connections and snow removal.

Tribal Court

Tribal Court rules over matters concerning child custody, marriage and divorce, and general civil actions.

Health and Wellness Department

The Health and Wellness Department is one of the SMSC's largest departments, with a wide range of services. These services include health coaching, mammograms, urgent care, physical therapy, acupuncture, medical massages, blood glucose and blood pressure checks, immunizations, nutrition education, tobacco cessation and weight-loss support, dental hygiene and oral cancer screening, orthodontics, prescriptions and annual eye exams, as well as many more services, screenings, and procedures. SMSC Members are served by a collection of clinics and providers, such as Integrative Health, Mystic Clinic, Shakopee Dakota Medical Clinic, Shakopee Dakota Dental Clinic, the SMSC Vision Clinic, the SMSC Pharmacy, the SMSC Mobile Unit, and visiting specialists.

Community Services

Our departments help govern and care for our lands and members, including:

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