Conservation and Enforcement

Conservation and Enforcement

SMSC Conservation and Enforcement

SMSC Conservation and Enforcement upholds conservation laws—both state and tribal—on SMSC lands, educates people about these laws, and cites violators.

Conservation officers are authorized to cite SMSC Members and members of the general public for hunting, fishing, and ATV violations on SMSC lands, such as trespassing on non-hunting lands, baiting deer, and violating possession limits. Their work is independent from criminal law enforcement, which is performed by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department and the Prior Lake and Shakopee police departments on SMSC lands.

Game and Fish Ordinace

Please see the SMSC's game and fishing ordinance for more information on the regulation of hunting on SMSC lands. The SMSC presently does not offer fishing opportunities.

Snowmobiling and ATV Use

Snowmobiling is prohibited on lands owned by the SMSC. ATV use is also prohibited on SMSC lands, with the exception of the SMSC’s designated, private ATV park. This park is provided for use by SMSC Members and their invited guests only. Any invited guests must be accompanied by an SMSC Member at all times. Please see the SMSC’s ATV park rules for more details.

Conservation Officer Patch

To hunt on SMSC lands, a person must hold a license issued by SMSC Conservation and Enforcement, as well as the appropriate state and federal licensing. The SMSC presently does not offer fishing opportunities.

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SMSC Conservation and Enforcement

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Assistant Director of Conservation and Enforcement

James Sheriff

SMSC Conservation and Enforcement Officer on Duty