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Civilian Review Board Complaints

Civilian Review Board Complaints

Any person who has knowledge of an alleged constitutional or civil rights violation committed by Tribal Conservation Officer may file an official complaint to the Civilian Review Board (CRB) of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC).

Article VI of The Constitution of the SMSC, titled Bill of Rights, specifically guarantees rights and freedom for individuals and ensures such rights and freedoms receive constitutional protection under the laws of the SMSC.

Constitutional rights are limited to the rights set forth in Article VI of the Constitution of the SMSC or constitutional rights recognized by the existing case law of the of the SMSC. Civil Rights are limited to civil rights enumerated under the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 or civil rights recognized by the existing case law of the SMSC.

Constitutional and Civil Right complaints that can be submitted are limited to the following:

  • Freedom of Worship/Religion
  • Freedom of Conscience
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Press
  • Due Process of Law and Equal Protection
  • Right to Peaceful Assembly
  • Freedom of Association
  • Right to Petition to Redress Grievances
  • Protection Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
  • Protection Against Double Jeopardy
  • Protection Against Self-Incrimination
  • Protection against the taking of private property for public use with just compensation
  • Right to a speedy trial, the right to confront witnesses, and the right to assistance of counsel
  • Protection against excessive bail, fines, or cruel and unusual punishment
  • Protection against Bills of Attainder or Ex Post Facto Laws
  • Right to a Jury Trial

The CRB was created to review official complaints against SMSC Tribal Conservation Officers. The CRB provides three methods to submit a complaint against a SMSC Tribal Conservation Officers. The complaint form may be:

  • Download form HERE
  • Print and mailed to (SMSC 2300 Sioux Trail, Prior Lake, MN 55372, Attention: CRB)
  • In person at the SMSC Business Council office

The CRB will contact the complainant within 14 days of receipt of the complaint.

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