Water Management

The SMSC's environmental stewardship includes wide-ranging efforts to protect, preserve and conserve groundwater and surface water resources.

SMSC lands are home to lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands, and the tribe's drinking water comes from two underground aquifers. Our efforts extend to the way we treat water and wastewater, how we recycle it for irrigation, our work to prevent and reverse the effects of water pollution, and our ongoing commitment to identify new and better ways to support healthy waters.

Surface Water

The SMSC Department of Land and Natural Resources helps care for the many lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands which are present on tribal lands. Activities include researching, monitoring, protecting and improving these water features so that they continue to provide rich wildlife habitat and contribute to our Community’s wellbeing for generations to come. Learn more about the SMSC’s environmentally friendly initiatives including green roofs, pervious pavement, rain gardens and lake study.

Ground Water

The SMSC Department of Land and Natural Resources helps protect the two aquifers that provide 100% of the drinking water on tribal lands. Activities include wellhead and overall groundwater management, drinking water monitoring, and protection of the surface waters that ultimately feed groundwater sources. Learn more about the SMSC’s water conservation, water treatment facilities, water reclamation facility, and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

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Notable Projects

Learn more about our water management projects geared toward conservation, sustainability and responsible stewardship.

Director of Natural Resources

Scott Walz