Building and Site Development Permits

The SMSC issues several types of permits for construction-related projects on tribal land. Please review the information below to ensure that you are applying for the correct permits for your project. More than one permit type may be required for your project.

Building Permits

A building permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications. The drawings and specifications must be approved, and then a permit is issued. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that the building project meets minimum safety, zoning, and aesthetic requirements enforced by the SMSC and required by the Tribal Building Code.

A building permit is required for all work not specifically exempt from the building code. This applies to residents, contractors, and commercial owners. Even if you are a homeowner, you need a permit to work on your own home. A building permit is also required when work is structural in nature, such as adding or replacing beams, posts, joists, and/or rafters. When a building permit is issued, at least one inspection is required before the work can be approved. If you are using a contractor, they will schedule the inspection. If you are not using a contractor, you or a person 18 years of age or older must be at the property during the inspection.

Some projects may require more than one permit. To determine which permits you need for your project, please call SMSC Tribal Building Official Eric Schlueter at 952.496.6135.

Site Development Permits

A Site Development Permit (SDP) is required any time there is a soil disturbance equal to or greater than 500 ft². Applying for or having an approved Building Permit does not replace or remove the need for a Site Development Permit in instances where one is required. Site Development Permit requirements are based on amount of soil disturbance and proximity to bodies of water. This encompasses all areas of a site that will be disturbed, including the project footprint, areas of soil piles, and any areas impacted by vehicles/equipment. Review the table below, the Frequently Asked Questions and the available Forms and Resources for more information. If you need additional help with determining what you need for a Site Development Permit, please contact the Natural Resources Manager Scott Walz at 612.387.8841.

Site Development Permit FAQ:

Soil Disturbance Site Development Permit Permit Fee Erosion Control Escrow Documents Needed Example Projects
Under 500 ft² disturbed and less than 5 cubic yards of fill No None None None Small patio, sidewalk
500 ft² - 9,999 ft² Yes None None SDP application Driveway reconstruction, small landscaping, retaining wall, addition, demolition
10,000 ft² - under 1 acre Yes $340 $1,500 SDP application, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan- see Required Elements Checklist New home construction, whole yard landscaping
1 acre and above Yes $340 $1,500 first acre, $1,000 each additional acre SDP application, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan- see Required Elements Checklist, SWPPP Road projects, new neighborhood developments

Planning to Dig?

If you’re planning to do any digging in connection with your building project, you must contact Gopher State One Call, 651.454.0002, to arrange for utility companies to mark buried utility lines in your yard. This service is free, but you should call at least 48 hours before digging.

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